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ACTHanksVideo, photography, writing and other media at Annual Conference did not happen without a lot of work from lots of people.

Here is a public “thank you” to all who made the media at AC2014 possible:

Thanks to everyone who contributed!

Video Anchors:

Carter Ellis
Kent Smith

Volunteer Photographers/Videographers for the week:

Paul Revere
Burt Williams
Earl Bradshaw
Carl Hughes
Melissa McGill
Kim Higgins
Tony Moreau
A.J. Moore
Kelly Crissman
Daniel Wilson
Marva Moore


Melissa McGill
Sally Queen
Carl Hughes
Kathy Randall Bryant

Loveeta Baker, who provided transcription services and assisted with content through the week

The Systems and Communications Team of the Conference Staff include:

Ken Perry- team leader, networking and administration
Chris Quinn- network administration, registration administration, technical support
Bryce Holden- video editing, photography, video, general tech support
Michael Rich- web & social media, video, photography

If I have forgotten someone, please forgive me (I am still going through pictures and video, and will be for weeks).  Please drop me a line and I will add your name to the list.

It was a great week of working together to produce media for the Annual Conference.  We set all kinds of records for use of the website and social media this week.  I will make sure that you hear more about that in the future.

Thanks to the entire Annual Conference staff and the many volunteers that made registration and the photo directory a success this year.  We especially thank those who provided food, made pizza runs and who helped make the week a joy.

Next year, we plan to include more people in the process and will make AC2015 and even greater production.

Many thanks!
Michael Rich, Web & Communications Manager