Pre-Conference Briefings

In year’s past, there have been district briefings held in central locations, or sometimes in a couple of locations in each district, on different dates. These meetings involved lots of driving for members of annual conference, and for staff and superintendents to share information.

Last year, Conference Staff were sent out to all of these meetings, and a number of videos were shown in those locations.  Opportunities to ask questions and get answers were available, but this was still expensive. This year, the Cabinet and Conference Staff decided to try an online approach.

In the videos below, you will get all of the basic information that you would have received from a district meeting, and you will get the opportunity to ask questions. Please view all of the videos in their entirety and read all of the documents posted prior to arriving at Annual Conference.

Videos for Pre-Conference Briefings
There are 4 videos that are included in the Pre-Conference Briefings:

You can view the entire playlist at our YouTube Channel

Documents for Download

Below are links to documents to read prior to Annual Conference:

If you have questions after viewing all of the videos and the documents, please go to the Q & A page, look to see if there are answers already listed, and then proceed to send your questions.