Pre-Conference Materials

Prior to April 16, 2014, all Pre-Conference materials were posted at

You can see most of those materials on this site in the news section (see the column to the right).

June 2014 News

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This year’s issue of Program and Reports is 92 pages. The Supplement to this publication will be posted online and distributed at registration at annual conference. It will have the  information needed to conduct business and to find your way at conference. In addition, all of the reports included in this publication will also be printed in the annual Journal.

We anticipate that you will not need to print this publication of the Program and Reports book, however if you wish to do so for your own convenience, it is formatted to print front and back on 3-hole punch paper, and is available in color and grayscale.

Download 2014 Program and Reports- Grayscale

Download 2014 Program and Reports- Color


The Pre-Conference Briefing sessions will all be on video and will be embedded on the Pre-Conference Briefing page

Until Conference begins with the clergy session on June 18, 2014, this section of the website will be your key resource.