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selfieBoard of Laity Report

(this is from the transcript by Loveeta Baker, interpreter for the hard of hearing)

Robert Upchurch:  Good morning.  During this week you have viewed a variety of videos and slides and there’s more to come.  There’s a person in the conference office who has been instrumental in working with us so that these can be available for viewing.  I would like for you now to thank Mike Rich in the conference office.  [Applause]

Since we last met in this place there have been a few changes to the Board of Laity I would like to bring to your attention at this time.  Mildred Carter completed her term as president of United Methodist Women for the conference, and was succeeded by a member of the Board, Tanya Lanier, who is now the UMW president.  Hank Dozier completed his term as president of United Methodist Men, and joining the Board is Neal Brown, the current president.

In April we lost a dear friend, Johnny Harvell, who many of you know, served on the board on two different occasions, died.  Taking his seat representing the Uwharrie District, Dale McCoy.  Irma Elwinger from the Metro District served for six years on the Board of Laity, and she will be leaving the Board at the conclusion of annual conference.  Coming on from the Metro District to be the lay leader for the Metro District are Jotana Royster and the associate lay leader Kaylene Thompson.  Would you welcome these new folks?  [Applause]

Last evening at the worship service celebrating the ministry of the laity, Wade Loftin made a few remarks about the gathering of the laity coming up in August.  Can we have the first slide, please for the gathering of the laity?  It is the 49th annual gathering and you can see from the theme we are continuing the theme of the annual conference.  We are calling it Extravagant Generosity.  You can see there’s a website where you can go to find information and register for the gathering.

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